This is the paper edit so far. It took bloody ages to type it all up.


Our trip so far!

We are currently in a massive hotel  ‘Torigony Hotel’ in Thornhill that is amazing and we got for a really good price as a donation towards the ride. We are all sore and hurting and now rocking out some supports and all sorts of weird and wonderful creams. BUT we are still all loving life. Sorry i have not done any updates so far this is the first stop that i can get on a laptop and use internet. We have done 425 miles so far and will hit the half way mark tomorrow.

Here are some photo’s so far:

9 am and me and Simon Bell have already reached our allowed donations limit, we are just  too giving it seems.

Simon Bell in high spirits.

Ben Nevis!

Me and Simon Lock discussing really important things.

I know its not many but i dont want to show too much im afraid you will have to wait for the film for the full gory shots, but i will put some more up i promise!

Peace and Love!

Posters and Fundraising

Fundraising Posters – This poster has been designed for me by Luke Smith for my Film ‘End to End’ for the Macmillan fundraising campaign. I have placed freestanding posters around in different locations with money pots. They have been up for a couple of days so if you see one around get your coppers out and throw them in. No one wants a heavy pocket.

Bike Science

Bike Science has confirmed as a sponsor for the bikes on the trip they are sorting us out with free bike fits and helping with spare parts in the trip. It is really amazing for them to get involved and help us out, so big respect to them. More sponsors still to be announced… Watch this space!